It’s Father’s Day in the UK on the 16thJune, so we’ve put together some ideas of how best to show your Dad how much you love him. Whether you’re planning a day out that he’ll remember or looking for thoughtful gifts on a budget, we’ve got you covered.
Switch up the plans

Father’s day is a day for celebration and spoiling your main man. Of course a nice restaurant for lunch can be fun, but if that’s a regular occurrence for your family or if your dad’s a bit more adventurous, then maybe plan something a little out of the ordinary. A day filled with adventure and laughter will make memories that last a lifetime and may be a better use of your time and money than just another lunch. We’re thinking go karting, cycling around a huge London park, indoor rock climbing, visiting a new town, being a tourist in your local city, arranging a game of rounder’s in the park with friends and family… you get the idea!

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A trip down memory lane

Although they may deny it, Dad’s are sentimental too!  If you aren’t able to splash the cash this Father’s day, then creating a photo album of old photos is a thoughtful gift to make your Dad feel special. Include memories of his own Dad, through to the journey of becoming one himself for a gift he’ll treasure forever. A simple scrap book (Muji and Paperchase are always good) and some washi tape is all you need.

Personalised recommendations

We’re always here to help with gifting, but if budgets are tight or your dad’s not one for telling you something he wants or needs, then a thoughtful gift idea is a list of personal recommendations, just for him. Create individual tokens and add a recommendation on each of films, programmes and podcasts he’d love. The pantone or paint colour swatches you can find in DIY shops are a chic (and free) option for these. It’s the gift that will bring him hours of fun.


Cook up a storm

We’ve all heard that the way to a man’s heart is through his belly, so food is a failsafe gift! Cooking your dad’s favourite dinner is a great DIY sign of affection. Whether he’s a bangers and mash man (This recipe is a dream!) or a Roast lamb lover, he gets to choose every course and even misses out on the washing up!


The perfect Parcel

Of course, we have a Parcel that’s just right for Father’s Day. Including a sneaker cleaning kit, Black marble soap for all the grooming he needs, chocolate (not for sharing) and the sentimental touch: A framed photo.

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