LET'S CELEBRATE: An intimate engagement party

When you're newly engaged, a full blown party can seem a daunting thing to plan and often totally out of the pre-wedding-budget. But that doesn't mean the moment has to pass unnoticed. An intimate gathering at home can be a great way to celebrate with those that matter most, without breaking the bank. Here are some of our top tips for a small and chic celebration.

Table top memories

For an elevated house party, dressing the food or drinks table to give the wow factor needn’t be tricky or expensive. A simple and sweet way of adding some fun décor is to print out polaroid photos of your time as a couple and lay them out haphazardly around the table. Mixing in some fresh petals or flower heads adds a little romance too. Using photos which include your guests will have everyone taking a trip down memory lane.


Cocktail hour

The key to every great house party? Great drinks! A fun and more budget friendly way to have a eclectic range of drinks available is to invite each guest to bring ingredients for their favourite cocktail. Not only does it mean everyone is sure to have a drink they love, it also means all the guests can get involved with the mixing and shaking, giving the hosts a chance to enjoy the night.


If in doubt - balloons 

If you don’t have the time, budget or ideas when it comes to making your house look party-ready, then you can never go wrong with balloons. Cover the ceiling of the main room or entrance with tonal balloons with hanging ribbon will give an instant party vibe. 
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Wedding mania 

Your engagement party is a a great time to get some wedding planning advice from your friends and family. Once you start the planning process unsolicited advice can be controversial, so use this time to hear about what people have seen or experienced that they thought was great. Whether it’s an atlas or coffee table book as guest books, monogrammed candles for favours, or overall wedding weekend themes, initial brainstorming is always helpful!


Propose to your Besties

It’s one of the most fun tasks for a bride and groom-to-be and where better to ask your nearest and dearests to be your Bridesmaid’s and Usher’s than at an intimate engagement party? We know just how to pop the question of course, with gifts that they will keep, love and use. Our Bridesmaid Parcel has been curated by Maids to Measure and includes your own polaroid photos for that sentimental touch. Matching Parcels and all your favourite people…Its an Instagram dream!


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