BEHIND THE BRAND: Guy Morgan Apothecary

We love getting to know the stories behind the products we include in each Parcel and the creators that bought them to life. It’s a key part of our ethos to support and grow alongside the many independent brands which we stock, introducing customers to something more exciting, ethical and memorable.

Next up in our Behind the brand series is Guy Morgan, who offers natural and effective skincare, including our most popular beauty product; The Himalayan salt face mask. 

Parcel London blog. Gifts and skincare. Behind the brand Guy Morgan

Parcel: Tell us a bit about your brand and its ethos.
Guy: Sure, my brand provides authentic and efficient skincare, that’s both natural and ethical, as well as being unisex. I try to use organic ingredients wherever possible with a proven record of efficiency and safety, certified by bodies such as The Soil Association, Eco Cert, and USDA.

P: What’s your most popular product and why do you think it’s so successful?
G: I’d say my Himalayan Salt Hydrating Mask, it comes in both a full size and smaller sachets. I believe it’s so popular due to how gentle and soothing it is, as well as being intensely hydrating (thanks mostly to organic Marshmallow root powder) I think its pleasing dusty pink colour helps too! 

P: What’s the biggest skincare misconception?
G: I’d say there’s a lot of confusion around skin types. For example, if you think you have oily skin, but you find your skin gets oily later on in the day, then this is often a result of dehydrating skin, and our body over compensating by producing excessive oil. I’d recommend shopping on how your skin feels rather than temporary concerns.  

P: Which are the key ingredients we should be looking for or to avoid when shopping for products?
G: Palm oil goes beyond chocolate, it’s huge in the beauty industry unfortunately. It can also be labelled under another name, or be just one part in another ingredient. For example, ‘Glyceryl Stearate’ be derived from Coconut or Palm oil. If the manufacture doesn’t state this, then request this information. If they don’t know or are unwilling to share this information I wouldn’t trust them. With my brand I try and be as transparent as possible when it comes to ingredients and potential allergens. I’ll always list where an ingredient is derived from. 

Parcel London blog. Gifts and skincare. Behind the brand Guy Morgan. PAMPER Parcel gift box. £60

Guy Morgan Face mask sachet in the PAMPER Parcel

P: How did you get into the world of skincare?
G: The lush countryside of the Quantock hills in Somerset, England, gave me a love for nature from a young age. My mother was a botanist who worked towards the conservation of the surrounding heathlands, I soon shared this passion which eventually piqued an interest in natural skincare.
Unhappy with the numerous products I tried as a teenager with problematic skin I decided to put my knowledge of botany to use, hand crafting my own skincare. My reasons for turning to the power of plants were not only the rich uncompromised nutrients, but the want to minimise my environmental impact. 

P: What do you think you would have been if not the founder of your own business?
G: I think I would have been an interior designer, I worked briefly as a furniture and fittings designer when I left university. It’s still a great passion of mine, I look forward to designing my own shop one day. Saving that a botanist would be great. I’d love to work somewhere like Kew gardens. 

Parcel London blog. Gifts and skincare. Behind the brand Guy Morgan Face mask

Guy Morgan White marble face mask

P: What was the biggest learning curve as the owner of a business? 
G: For me it’s been my own confidence, I can be rather reclusive. Getting out there and talking to customers first hand has helped me greatly, I find it very rewarding. Same goes with retailers/stockists, building lasting and meaningful relationships is vital. 

P: What’s your greatest achievement so far?
G: I’m so proud of my latest release of my ’Flower of the 5 wounds’ range. This has been a product I’ve been working on for a couple of years now, and the feedbacks been fantastic so far! I sold out within a week of launch.

P: What is the best gift you’ve ever been given?
G: One that sticks out is from when I was a kid, I was given a toy scooter. My parents hid it behind a large armchair and rolled it out when I came downstairs. What I cherish was the joy of the surprise more than anything! 

Parcel London blog. Gifts and skincare. Behind the brand Guy Morgan. NUDE Parcel gift box. £145

You can find Guy Morgans products on the 'Create a Parcel' page as well as in the Pamper, BFF, All Black and NUDE Parcel. 

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